Our clients' feedback

Every time we engage with our clients, we invite them to tell us how we are doing. This page lets you see the results, what our customers think of us and how we stack up ... LIVE!

If you're thinking about contacting us for advice, you'd probably lke to have an idea of how we are regarded by our existing clients. Our client feedback page makes this easy. Up to date and fully transparent. We do not control the results of this page. The data you can see here is provided directly into our site by an independent third party we use to gather our client feedback.

 The bar chartbelow shows the areas our clients comment most on.

How our clients rate us

 The chart below is a real-time reflection of the feedback we have received from our clients and shows how we fare against a series of advice categories. You can hover over any bar for more information or click on one to see how we fared against specific questions in that category.

Feedback timescale: