Mortgages & Protection

Making mortgages easier

As your mortgage broker in St Albans we understand choice is good and offer advice to our clients based locally in St Albans, Harpenden and London as well as throughout the U.K. When buying a property, whether for yourself or as an investment, choice ensures you get the best deal. But when financing your property adventure, does it make your life easier? It can if you shortcut the hassle of shopping around for the right mortgage, which will be as unique to you as the property you select.

More choices made simple

Needless to say, we can’t stop mortgages eating up a big chunk of your income but we can make the process of borrowing money seem far less complicated. Call us to arrange a review of your mortgage needs if you are: 

  • Moving home or starting out on the property market;
  • Staying put, but looking around for a better deal;
  • Considering refinancing to extend or make improvements;
  • Thinking about venturing into the buy-to-let market.

With our support, you can take your time, compare and discuss different mortgage combinations, generating a shortlist from literally hundreds of mortgage products on the market.

Independent Mortgage Advice

As we are independent, we compare the whole of the mortgage market to find the best deal for you. We do not work from a limited panel of mortgage lenders.

Our expert advisers provide support during the whole mortgage process and ensure there are no hidden costs or surprises. 

The FCA does not regulate some forms of buy to let mortgages.


Life is surprising and changes during emotional and tough times, financial worries can simply escalate the challenges facing you and your family.

With a bit of forward planning and the right protection products on your side, some peace of mind can be restored, leaving you to focus on what’s really important.

Protection can cover you or your partner if you:

  • are diagnosed with a critical illness
  • suffer an accident or illness and are unable to work;
  • lose your job;
  • die

Understanding the products that are around and the sort of financial assistance they can deliver can be reassuringly comforting. Information featured on our website can educate you on the different products and options available.

To get the right answers to your personal circumstances though, it’s usually best to call in professional advice. We can help you decide on:

  • which steps to take to protect you and your dependants;
  • the best products for your evolving needs;
  • what needs doing first.

Current family circumstances or a change in job could influence how much protection you need. To keep your life on track, whatever the knocks, contact us today.